Hire Professionals for Open Safe Services in London

Need to open a safe in London without the key, code or combination? It's not supposed to be easy, but with the right tools and skills, it is possible. The Lock Pickers's professionals have both of these things, so if you're locked out of your safe, just give us a call.

What's Involved in Safe Opening

The techniques used by your professional safe opener will depend on the model of safe and the reason it won't open.

Common problems include:

  • Lost keys and broken combinations
  • Flat batteries
  • Security lockdown when the incorrect code is used
  • Faults in software or circuitry

Methods used to open safes include:

  • Picking or manipulation of mechanical locks
  • Replacing batteries
  • Using factory reset codes, obtainable only by properly registered locksmiths
  • Fault-finding circuit or software problems
  • Force! This final option is generally the method of last resort, but if you need the safe open as fast as possible your technician will oblige!

Services for All Common Makes and Brands of Lock boxes

  • The Lock Pickers's technicians have specialist training in common safe problems
  • Book help to unlock electronic or mechanical safes at your home or business premises
  • Whenever possible your locksmith will use non-damaging methods to open your safe
  • Request forced opening if you don't have time to wait for locks to be picked or manipulated
  • Repair services for safes are also offered
  • If you'd like to upgrade or replace your current safe, your expert will be happy to advise you on suitable models

Getting Your Quote is Quick and Simple

  • Use our 24/7 support line to get an immediate quote for your open safe service
  • Expect your technician to be with you in around 30 minutes if you request an emergency service
  • If the situation isn't urgent just choose a day that suits you - technicians are available seven days a week

Your Safe Engineer

Your The Lock Pickers safe engineer will be a qualified individual who's also undergone extra training to prepare them to deal with any sort of safe lockdown. Equally importantly, they'll be a reference-vetted worker who can be trusted with this sensitive job as well as a considerate person who will seek to resolve your safe problems in the most efficient and least damaging manner possible.

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