Lost Car Keys in London - Get Replacements Fast

Time was, the cry of 'I've lost my car key and have no spare' was the start of a long, and troublesome process. Things have moved on, and if you live in London, The Lock Pickers's emergency auto locksmiths will get you sorted out with new keys far more easily that you might expect.

The Types of Keys We Work with

Services are available for all major classes of keys used to secure vehicles:

  • Mechanical keys - for cars with no central locking
  • Electronic keys - also known as remote keys or key fobs
  • Transponder keys - cars manufactured after 1995 have transponder keys which incorporate an immobiliser system

What your locksmith will do:

Mechanical keys - Your auto locksmith will produce a duplicate key, or replace the lock and issue you with a new key. This is possible at the roadside for most common models of vehicles, for which blanks are easily available.

Electronic keys - Your locksmith will reprogram the locking system so that you can open the doors and drive the car. If your keys have been stolen, reprogramming will also ensure that the old keys will no longer work.

The Advantages of Choosing The Lock Pickers Auto Locksmiths

  • You'll know your work is completed by insured technicians and delivered under guarantee
  • Get electronic or mechanical keys replaced for your car, lorry, caravan, motorcycle or scooter
  • This service covers all vehicles generally found on UK roads and is available day and night
  • Request an emergency call-out and someone will be with you in around half an hour

Service Quotes and Booking

Getting a quote is simple - just call our 24/7 support line and ask for one! The following information will be required to complete your work:

  • The registration and vehicle identification number of your car or van
  • The make, model and age of the vehicle
  • The location to which you'd like your locksmith to come
  • Finally...before opening the vehicle your assistant will need to see proof of your identity

Professional Auto Technicians

As you'd expect, your locksmith in London will be a DBS vetted individual who'll arrive in a branded van and be wearing a recognisable uniform. Your technician will also be a fully qualified professional with the experience and equipment needed to work on any type of vehicle and lock.

Are you interested in booking this service?