Professional Lock Fixing Services in London

Don't leave your property unsecured. Get lock fixing services in London which you can book quickly and easily by phone 24/7 - and which will act fast to restore your lock to fully functioning condition. With all work delivered in line with the standard expected by your insurance company, you'll know that you're getting quality you can count on - backed by a six-month guarantee.

How We Can Help With Your Broken Lock

Common problems include:

  • Key will no longer turn
  • Lock refuses to "click" locked and simply keeps spinning
  • Lock has been physically impacted or smashed
  • An electronic lock no longer recognises a keycode, read a card or has broken buttons

The method which we use will depend on your type of lock - electronic or mechanical - will always:

  1. Return a lock to you which is in perfect working condition
  2. Safeguard the security of your property at all times
  3. Offer swift and easy replacement options if your lock is beyond repair

Your Lock Repair Services Also Give You:

  • The peace of mind of knowing that the real experts are on the case
  • Full back-up and support in addition to a six-month guarantee
  • A flexible service which can be used to repair all types of locks
  • Short notice appointments make it easy to get help in an emergency
  • We meet the BS3621 British standard - you might not care, but your insurance company will!

Call To Get a Free Quote or Instant Booking

  • Round-the-clock support hotlines make it easy to get in touch at your convenience
  • We offer emergency appointments which can start in as little as half an hour from when you call
  • Booking slots are available seven days a week at no additional charge

Professional Locksmiths Operating Across London

The The Lock Pickers team is made up of security specialists of all kinds, including qualified and highly experienced locksmiths. When you contact us about your broken lock, this is exactly the kind of professional that we'll send. They'll have been vetted and background checked before we dispatch them to you, and each will be wearing a neat uniform and ID so you can identify them.

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