Get CCTV Installation in London From Trusted Experts

CCTV Installation Experts in LondonClosed Circuit TeleVision is a brilliant way to protect both the smallest and the largest properties against all kinds of security threats. But isn't the fitting usually a stressful process? Not with The Lock Pickers helping you - we provide CCTV installation in London that's flexible enough to work around your needs:

You'll meet with an expert first, get advice and then have a precision fitting which works smoothly around your schedule. Contact us 24/7 to learn more!

What's Involved in Fitting Closed Circuit Cameras in ?

Our most popular types of monitoring equipment are:

  • Wired and wireless cameras - these are fitted with easy installation or with interference protection in mind
  • Dummy camera systems - these aren't monitoring devices per se, but they offer a fantastic visual deterrent
  • Smart systems - able to be linked up with all kinds of devices, systems offering movement-based activation and more

How the installation process will work:

  1. Get in touch and talk to an expert about the system you want to fit or the coverage you want to achieve
  2. Arrange an onsite meeting with one of our specialists so we can see your property in person
  3. Get any advice you need during that meeting and then receive a quote within three working days
  4. Your final fitting goes ahead at the time you've specified

What You Get From Your Appointment:

  • A fitting from experienced specialist staff
  • A full six-month guarantee and insurance cover
  • Your choice of a wide range of systems from the leading manufacturers
  • No obligation to meeting one of our specialists first at your address
  • A highly experienced Quality Assurance team ensuring quality workmanship

Getting Your Quote and Setting Your Service

  • 24/7 phone support means you can get free advice or set up your appointment whenever it's convenient
  • We offer commitment-free onsite meetings before you need to confirm your service will go ahead
  • The CCTV installation services we provide in London can be booked to occur seven days a week

The CCTV Fitting Specialists On Our London Team

Extensive training and years of experience in the industry combine to make a team that's just the sort you need when it comes to fitting such a potentially valuable system to your property. Your Closed Circuit monitoring system is going to be in charge of protecting your property from all kinds of security threats, so it's important that it gets fitted correctly.

That's why we only ever send fully qualified specialists to carry out your installation.

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