Getting Car Key Repairs Organised in London is Simple

If your mechanical key is damaged you can see the problem. When it comes to remote and transponder keys, it's a bit more complicated. Some things haven't changed though. When you're looking for quality car key repairs in London backed by a guarantee, your best bet is to contact a certified locksmith. And the easiest way to do that is to call The Lock Pickers.

Common Car Key Problems Resolved with Key Cutting and Reprogramming

The days when locksmiths just cut keys and repaired locks are long gone. Here's an introduction to what's on offer:

Reprogramming remotes and transponders - This is often the solution when your central locking is unreliable or your ignition doesn't fire the first time. Your technician has the equipment to reprogram your existing electronic key or, when necessary, prepare a new one.

Moving chips - When the electronic components of your key are working fine but it's been physically damaged your assistant will move the chip to a new undamaged casing or cut a new key to replace a damaged one and, again, move the chip across.

Cutting new keys - This is still offered and will continue to be as long as there are cars on the road that need it. Worn out or snapped keys can be replaced and it's often possible to do this at the roadside.

Immediate Repairs and Replacements for Most Damaged Keys

  • Your The Lock Pickers auto locksmiths carry all the equipment needed to reprogram or cut keys
  • Most repairs can be completed in a single home or roadside appointment
  • It's not just car keys! Repairs, cutting and programming are also available for caravan, lorry, van, motorbike and moped keys

Get Your Broken Keys Repaired Anytime

  • Locksmiths work seven days a week
  • Emergency services are offered around the clock and typical waiting time is 30 minutes or less
  • Our customer service line is always staffed - you can call for your quote right now!

Quality Assurances

Your key repairs in London will be completed by a qualified locksmith who stays current with ever-changing vehicle lock technology. They will also be a fully insured professional who's been through extensive background checks to ensure honesty and competence.

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